Need MC60E-CA-04-BLE latest firmware

Hi , Everybody
I miss wrote MC60 firmware on MC60E .
can anyone suggest me how i can download MC60E-CA-04-BLE latest firmware?

hi, Amir_Zendehdel:
please download accord to the link:

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Thanks a lot

is this FW working with TLS v1.2?

Sorry, no TLS guidance found

thank you

Hi,Dear Herbert
I were checking this version you sent me, its not working with OPENCPU function
I need MC20-BLE and MC60 BLE Firmware too.
many thanks

Do you plan to upgrade your current firmware version? Please provide your current version(query at command >> ATI)

We are using OPENCPU , its solved
our mistake were we compiled with normal MC60 SDK , when using MC60E SDK , problem solved
But Please send me MC20-BLE Firmware and SDK too.
thank you.

Sorry, I did not find the firmware you need, please describe your requirements and send email to

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okay dear
Thank you

hi iam need frimware mc60 ca

I have the same issue. But am unable to download the firmware from the link is there a different link I can use to download the firmware?

  • Please provide your current firmware version