Need help with a new EM060K-GL module that i got. (Xfinity Mobile)

I am working on a project with a team and having some trouble setting up the,
Waveshare “Raspberry Pi LTE Cat 6 Communication HAT, LTE-A Global Multi-band, GNSS Positioning, comes with EM060K-GL Module”.

I got the drivers from the Quectel website and I can see the com ports in the device manager on my windows computer. Using QCOM to send AT commands works fine.
But I am having trouble connecting the EM060K-GL with a Xfinity Mobile sim card. I see Xfinity Mobile cellular on my laptop, but it shows having no service. I am using the sim card from my phone because when I tried to add a new device to my plan the IMEI checker says that the EM060K-GL is not compatible.

I am not sure what the problem is since Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon’s network. And all the bands are supported by the EM060K-GL module. Maybe I am not setting up the APN correctly.

I would be very grateful to hear any tips :slight_smile:

Hi @Gabriel90909
It does seem to be an APN problem. Did you try to reconfigure the APN?