Need help with a failed firmware upgrade RM502Q-AE

I need help with a failed firmware upgrade. After failing, I now only have access to the QDLoader 9008 Port on Windows PC connected using USB. Firmware upgrades are now failing when using this port. Can I please get the recovery instructions for this modem using QDLoader.

Error “FAIL, DL_Firehose, Time out!” when using QFlash v6.3.

Dear @Clinton_Phillips
Please try to upgrade the firmware via QDLoader 9008, select the QDLoader port in the QFlash.

Have already tried this with latest Qflash 6.3 as well as several older versions, always with the same error message.

Regarding modem rm502q-ae, what is the difference between the r11 and r13 firmware variants. Which one is correct and why?

I also have the same problem, have you found a fix for this yet?