Need Help on EC20 SIM Toolkit (AT+QSTK)


I have EVB kit with ECF using firmware EC20CEFASGR08A02M2G.
I am new to quectel. I am using QNatigator_V15 to view and send AT Command.

I have problem with SIM Toolkit:

  1. SIMCard has STK menu
  2. SIM Inserted into the EVB
  3. Power UP and get connected to the network.
  4. STK is enabled. AT+QSTK=1,0,300
  5. After waiting for sometime there is no ‘+QSTKURC=37’ appear in the log which indication of STK Menu.
  6. Tried to query AT+QSTKSTATE result +QSTKSTATE: 1,253. which indicate STK session is finished
  7. I also have tried to restart and waiting for long time but same case

The SIMCard indeed has STK menu and can be shown when the SIM inserted into mobile phone.

Please if somebody has suggestion on how to solve this problem

appreciated for any suggestion

Thanks in advance

Dear Bolons,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Please note that EC20 cannot support STK function. Thanks!

Dear Kyson

Can you confirm that EC20 cannot support STK?.
I read the usermanual “EC20 STK Command”. See the picture below. This module is given to me by the sales when i inquired a module that support STK.
Please confirm about this.

Dear Bolons,
Please note that the module you used is the following type which use qualcomm 9X07 platform, while the document is apply for old EC20 module which use qualcomm 9215 platform. So now the new EC20 module can not support STK, and you cannot refer to the document. Thanks!

Dear Kyson

Thanks for your reply.

Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade the Firmware of my current EC20 so that it support STK?
If not possible, what is the current Quectel module type that support STK? Can you point me to its datasheet?



You can try to check AG35 module. Thanks!
Quectel_AG35_Automotive_Module_Specification_V1.6.pdf (1.3 MB)