Need firmware for RM500Q-AE

I am having internet issues with my RM500QAEAA-M20-SGASA. I use the module for my teletherapy company and have been losing connection. I would like to update the firmware for my module to the latest firmware. Current firmware is RM500QAEAAR13A01M4G. Please provide me with the firmware so that I can fix my companies internet. Thank you


Hello, I updated my first work modem but I have a backup modem with 4g. Can you kindly send the updated EM12GPA-512-SGAD firmware. Thanks


Can you provide me an old version of the firmware for the RM500QAE? I am having issues with the new version you provided me. I have updated firmware but I am having connections issues and other issues. I would like to revert to an old version of the firmware so that I can fix the issue. Thanks


Could you please send me new firmware for the Quectel RM520N-GL 5G. I purchased a new modem for my work router for office. Thanks

Could I also get the latest RM500Q-AE firmware? Thank you!

Please provide your current firmware version

Hi Herbert,
Thanks very much for your fast response. As requested:
Revision: RM500QAEAAR11A02M4G

The latest firmware has been sent to you by email