Need firmware EG18EAP

Hello. Where can I download or get EG18EA firmware? my firmware is outdated and not supported by the operator, I get very low speed, aggregation does not work. my modem firmware version is EG18EAPAR01A08M4G.

The latest firmware has been sent to you by message, please note to check.

I have found last firmware zip update 08 to 11 and downgrade 11 to 08 here Zyxel Lte5398 Lte Module Update EG18EAPARO1A11M4G | eBay

Hi, could I also ask for a modem update file from EG18EAPAR01A08M4G to EG18EAPARO1A11M4G or later?

@Janusz_Nosacz The new firmware has been sent to you, please note to check.

Hello, please give instructions on how to flash a modem on a Zyxel LTE7490-M904? Zyxel support doesn’t know how to do this with the multi-file firmware I got from you.

After a long search, I found a working LTE modem update file from version EG18EAPAR01A08M4G to version EG18EAPAR01A11M4G.

Go to Orbi LBR20 | WiFi System | NETGEAR Support

Select the European/Australian or American version respectively.
We choose whether we want to update or downgrade the LTE modem.

After downloading the .zip file, go to the configuration page of our router and select the LTE modem update option.
We select the zipped .zip file.
The update in my case on the Zyxel LTE5398-M904 router took 15-20 minutes.
I haven’t tested the downgrade file.

The update file I received from tabor.tang-Q does not work. It differs in file weight, it is 104 MB, while the upgrade/downgrade file is 40 MB.

It seems to me that if your router has a Quectel EG18EAP modem, then you can update it. In case, after uploading the file and clicking “Update”, an error message will pop up.

In case of removing the link to the modem firmware, I will write that we are looking for “Netgear support” in Google, enter the model “LBR20 - Orbi LTE Tri-band WiFi Router / LBR20”, click the “Downloads” button, then select "LTE Upgrade / Downgrade Package (Retail - Europe / Australia).

I especially greet you from ebay guy.

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Are there any improvements and differences between 08 and 11 versions?

@zauzolko The firmware package contains a Quectel_EG18-EA-PA_Firmware_Release_Notes file with related instructions.

Hello, could you please provide me the file ?
Thank you

Hi @bru_com
Do you need the firmware package? You can use AT+QGMR to query the current version, and I will match the relevant version to you.

Hi @tabor.tang-Q
Current LTE module version is EG18EAPAR01A08M4G for a Zyxel LTE5398-M904 modem router.
Thank you

The new firmware has been sent to you, please check.

Hi, the only update that works fine with our Zyxel its this one Zyxel Lte5398 Lte Modem Module Update EG18EAPARO1A11M4G from EG18EAPARO1A08M4G | eBay.
This update its made to work especificaly with our terminal. The Netgear one its made to work with their terminals and not with Zyxel, netgear modem terminal specs are diferent.vs Zyxel… I have tryed both and there is not colour, ebay one its the Best, that works fine. Very stable