Need DFOTA image for BG770A

I need a delta firmware image from BG770AGLAAR01A03 to BG770AGLAAR01A05_01.200.01.200 to test FOTA with the BG770A. Where can I find this?

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Hello @wdLukas

Which firmware you are using now? could you please share the AT+QGMR response for us?

Ah sorry I used the wrong command.
Its: BG770AGLAAR01A03_01.002.01.002

I will apply it and share you soon.

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Is there any update?

Hi @wdLukas

Internal verifying.

Hi @wdLukas

Please download with link:

Thank you very much. Worked like a charm!

As I tried to perform the FOTA update on multiple devices I realized I have at least one module with BG770AGLAAR01A03_01.007.01.007. Could you provide another delta image for BG770AGLAAR01A03_01.007.01.007 → BG770AGLAAR01A05_01.200.01.200.

Hi @wdLukas

Yes, sure. i will share you when finished

Hi @Linkin-Q

Could you provide the delta image?

Hi @wdLukas

Sorry for the late response, buiness trip those days.Please find below link to download DFOTA image.

Hi @Linkin-Q

Worked as expected. Thank you for your effort!