NB-IoT timing advance

Is it possible to get timing advance value when connected to NB-IoT network? Using any Quectel module? We prefer BC66, but might as well use a different one if this information is available.

Hi Rastik
AT+CEREG=5; AT+CEREG? can get T3324 and extended T3412 timers.

Hello Abner, these are PSM timers. I’m looking for http://howltestuffworks.blogspot.com/2014/07/timing-advance-and-time-alignment-timer.html. LTE modules report this value and it can be used to estimate the distance between the module and eNodeB.

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As an example, I’ve found this in BG96 documentation:

<ta> Number format. Timing advance in voice call. Range: 0-63.

I’m looking for something similar for BC66. But even for BG96 this value is reported only in GSM mode (and not in NB/CatM mode), so I’m not sure how that works in NB-IoT. Anyway, as it is based on LTE, even NB-IoT has to work with timing advance to synchronize the devices - e.g. https://itectec.com/spec/7-22-timing-advance-for-nb-iot/.