NB-IOT Rel 14 test - where to set the TX power to 14dbm?

We are developing test for NB-IOT Rel 14 with a local Telco.

We currently use the BC66 over NB-IOT. Maybe we can test wiht BC66NA which supports Rel 14.


Where do we set the TX power to 14 dbm ? in the BC66NA documentation ?

We want to test 14 dbm and 20 dbm and 23 dbm power consumption


Hi David
Attachment is TX_POWER setting reference document, you can test, it can’t be shipped normally.
Quectel_BC66_RF force to receive and send AT command manual_Perliminary

Hi Abner, following up on this… we had the same question. Is there an AT command for setting the TX power to 20dBm? It seems the document referenced here was just for test modes.