NB-IoT Base station fro testing devices

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where I can buy a base station for testing purpose?

I would like to use with my devices in the developing process and not to be dependant of the operator. And in this way, I can use the base station inside of an anechoic chamber, as well as, I would like to test different ECL with attenuators.

Best regards.

Hi Oscargomezf
Operators are not allowed to use private base stations, as this will interfere with the actual network.
You can contact your local operator and go to their office to test, they can configure it.

Hi Oscar,

Did you find a way to get a private base station working?

We are facing the same situation, developing BC66 OpenCPU applications, and it would be good not to be dependant on the operator’s network, specially since NB-IoT coverage is really low here in Spain.


Hi Adrian,

I am sorry but it seems to be that only operators can use these base stations.

If you have coverage problems I highly recommned you to talk with the operator, because they are able to increase the coverage in some areas.

Best regards.

Maybe you cand find BTS equipment from other vendor…

Actually we have good coverage here, but it would be good to be able to simulate different coverage scenarios

Same question here in Ireland. It looks like only solutions are:

  • R&S CMW100
  • USRP (B200/B210?) with Amarisoft LTE stack or Opensource stack (in a shielded RF box/anechoic chamber)
  • Other SDR solutions…

If anyone has come by an easy solution please post!