My Arduino is not working

I am using Quectel M66 FAR01A12BT as a Arduino-UNO shield.
My M66 board power LED is ON and NET LED is blinking continuously. but still i am not able to run any code as error shows " Error compiling for board Quectel M66 Module ".

What I have already done: 1.Compile code by selecting Arduino Uno board.
2. Compile code by selecting Quectel M66. Both boards are displayed on board manager.

I am running all codes using Arduino IDE. But confused about selecting which board while executing program. Is there any other way out for physical connectivity of arduino-uno and M66?

The physical connectivity of arduino-uno and M66 need UART、pwrkey ,etc.
About the Arduino compilation problem, it is recommended that you can consult Arduino technical support,thanks.