Multiple APN connections with EP06-A

Has anyone succeeded to create multiple simultaneous APN/PDN connections with EP06-A module using vanilla Linux qmi_wwan driver and qmicli (etc)?

If have big problems to switch device into qmap mode after the module reset. Wda-set-data-format request almost never returns any error code but it just don’t change the mode in more than 50% cases. And if the initial request fails then it’s useless to try again and only rebooting can solve the lock.

And even in the happy cases when qmap mode is activated, and wds bind is done, the wds-start-network might response NoEffect (especially for first muxid, default-pdn) or NoCall (although some other mux is up and running).

Related to NoEffect and default-pdn connection: is it possible to reject creation of the default-apn connection (–wds-get-default-profile-num) right after network attach (or when AT+QCFG=“gprattach”,1)?

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For EP06, if you want to activate the qmap mode , it is recommended to use the Quectel tools with the Quectel driver.
The original qmi_wwan in the Kernel does not support qmap and multiPDN datacall.
You can follow the guide

would you please provide a link to the mentioned document? i need guidance on how to setup multi pdn connection.

I’m currently using quectel-CM

Please check your email.

Hi @Bean.Wang-Q , can you also send me the file?

And I was also wondering if it is possible to increase the MTU size beyond 1500 for sub interfaces?

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It’s not recommended to change it.
MTU modification may slow down the network or cause network packet loss.
Some guide might be found in
Download Zone | Quectel

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Hi Bean,
can you please email me this file

kba-20190602_guide_to_use_qmap.pdf (627.0 KB)

Why do you want it?
It is only used for Quectel 4G/5G modules which are based on Qualcomm chip.
And the driver should not be the Linux upstream qmi_wwan, it shoud be qmi_wwan_q or the GobiNet that is sent from Quectel FAE or downloaded from the Quectel Download Zone.

Quectel also have some other 4G/5G modules based on Unisoc or MTK, they are also support MultiPDN datacall.

we are currently using many Quectel LTE modules and we are researching on how to implement Multiple APN/DPN IP connections with one SIM card

so standard Linux QMI or MBIM interface/driver on Quectel module using Qualcomm chipset will not able to support Multiple PDN connection, is this correct ?