MQTT URC tpye unknown

Hello together,

currently I am working on a projekt with a MC60 and MQTT in OpenCPU. While testing and playing around I realized, that in OpenCPU when a MQTT connection is established oder the connection status changes I get an and unknown URC number 101 with message parameter 0.
In the “standard” mode, i get the correct +QMTSTAT and +QMTRECV URCs.
Is there a way to “catch” the MQTT URCs or include them in the OpenCPU so I can process them properly?

Thank you

You can refer to ril_urc.c and ril.h, which are mainly some common URC that we have encapsulated in opencpu. When you encounter the URC that you need to deal with and we don’t encapsulate, you can encapsulate it by our encapsulated routine.