MQTT unable to disconnect using ThreadX

Hi I am using BG-95M1 and using the MQTT API. Whenever I run the MQTT thread handler function it stays connected for several minutes and then disconnects. It return a value of -7 which means it was unsuccessful to disconnect. I am using the example code from the SDK.
This is the output I am getting when it tries to disconnect.


MQTT Disconnect Failed, Error type -7
  • Why does it disconnects automatically?
  • If it disconnects, why is it unsuccessful?

During init you have to disable the chinese huawei service. If you forgot it, you get automatically disconnected after about 10 minutes.
Read command reference carefully and you will find this important hint.

…I did the same mistake first. :wink:

I have double check this error code , but they can not find the original descripiton of this err .

so we have to collect Qwinlog ( modem log) to check this issue , if need pls send to