MQTT support in MC60 module

From this forum, I came to know that MC60 supports MQTT protocol. However, latest AT command manual, Open CPU documentation, open CPU RIL code and even MC60 module’s page in Quectel website doesn’t contain any details about this.

I checked the MQTT related AT commands in the MC60 eval board, it accepts the command.

I am wondering why MQTT document and related code is not kept in public domain? Or is it not recommended to use MQTT feature in the MC60 module?

Where can I get the Open CPU code as well as the official documentation for MQTT support in MC60 module?

Try to check MQTT Application Note from other modules, like BC95. I’m not sure, but I suspect Quectel is using the same implementation for most of their modules.

OK. I will check it. Will try to find out the details from our distributor / Quectel’s local technical support team.
Thank you for the response

M95, M66, MC60/E is similar… based of Mediatek chipset and SDK

Hi, ask_sundar:
Have you got the MQTT ril code of MC60 ? if not, please tell me your company name and your e-mail. I will send you a temporary ril library and example about MQTT, thank you

Thank you for the response.
Luckily I got the details and sample code from the Quectel local technical support team.
Thank you again

I want m66 at commands for mqtt

Here is the doc. which came along with the MC60 Eval board. Applicable to M66 module too.
Quectel_GSM_MQTT_Application_Note_V1.2.pdf (518.0 KB)

Any one have MC60 MQTT RIL Library examples.

Merhaba , opencpu ile mqtt örnekleri ve ril kütüphanesi varsa bana da yollayabilir misiniz?

Hello, if you have mqtt samples and ril library with opencpu can you send it to me?

Dear Ahmet Asker,
It is better to share your country, your company name with us, and we can arrange local FAE to support you. Thanks!

Hello, ı am in turkey.

ok, got it. We will arrange local FAE in Turkey to support you or you can send email to mehmet Thanks!

I am working on project which uses MC60 module for communication on HTTP. We would like to support the MQTT communication as well. Current version of my module software is MC60CAR01A05. Does this version supports MQTT? If not please let me know the software version that supports MQTT and how to install that on module.

It would be very helpful if you send me the ril library, related document and example about MQTT for MC60.

My email ID is

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Ohh OK. My other Mail ID is

Please send the details on above email ID.
Thank you for the reply.

Thank you for the detalis Sundar. I will test it.

Hello ,
Current version of my MC60 software is MC60CAR01A05. Does MQTT work on this version?
If not, please let me know the version on which MQTT works?