MQTT on BG95, no way to retrieve sender clientId from +QMTRECV

Hello, I am implementing mqtt on a BG95 module.
When I subscribe to a channel, I see that there is no way to get the clientId value of a message sent by another device on the same topic.
Indeed +QMTRECV: does not have a field for it.
Is there any other workaround?

Hello Vitom,

Could you please share the steps which tried in your side?

Linkin WANG

this is the list of commands (answers from the module are omitted)
While other mqtt clients subscribed to “test” topic receive that the message was trasmitted by the device with deviceId “quecteldevice”, the BG95 doesn’t have a command or an URC to receive what was the deviceId of the sender of the messages received via +QMTRECV. We only know that a message was published on channel “test”, but we cannot know who sent it.

+QMTRECV: 0,0,"test","this is a test message"\r  --> received messages. Problem: no identifier!
AT+QMTPUB=0,0,0,0,"test"\r --> other subscribers correctly show that message was sent by "quecteldevice"