MQTT 5 Support?

Hi there,

I just reviewed’s Download Zone and none of the MQTT specifications support MQTT 5.

MQTT 5 has some major improvements over MQTT 3.1.1 – which is the latest MQTT protocol version that Quectel modules support. MQTT 5 has been an official standard since 2019.

I’m hoping that MQTT 5 is on the Quectel Roadmap.

  • If so, what is the ETA of when we can expect MQTT 5 compliance for Quectel EC2xEG9xEG2x / LTE modules?
  • If not, please oh please get it on the Quectel Roadmap ASAP!



None of the modules currently under development supports MQTT5 and there are no plans to develop MQTT5

Hi @herbert.pan-Q – out of curiosity, why is Quectel not planning on any support of MQTT 5 in their modules? When MQTT 5 was adopted in 2019, it officially “replace[d] or superse[d] MQTT 3.1.1”

That was 3-1/2 years ago!

We have immediate use of the “shared subscriptions” and the “session expiry period” features that MQTT 5 brings – and are not included in the deprecated MQTT 3.1.1 specification.

Technical experts across the board recommend that everyone using MQTT 3.1.1 migrate to MQTT 5 as soon as possible because of the improvements that MQTT 5 brings:

Whom can I contact at Quectel to request that MQTT 5 support be put on the fast-track – in particular for the Quectel modules that we use?

As your forum won’t let me put more 2 links in a single post, here’s the source of the statement that MQTT 3.1.1 has been “replace[d] or superse[d]" by MQTT 5: https:// MQTT Version 5.0 )

At present, most of our customers’ business applications based on MQTT3 have been basically met. In the future, if our customers’ requirements change greatly or most customers require MQTT5, we may push forward the development

Hi @herbert.pan-Q,

We also have an application which requires MQTT v5.
Any change this could be placed on the roadmap for the future development?

Sorry, MQTT5 is still not planned for development