Module LC76G does not respond to PMTK314 command

Hello, I have 2 different L76 series modules. One is the L76 B and the other one is the LC76G.
With the first L76 module I send this command:
And receive this response:
The module correctly changes the output to GGA and RMC only sentences every 5 seconds.
When send the same command to LC76G module I get this response:
The output and the frequency do not changed at all.
Why does this happen and what is the meaning of this different response ?
Is there any way to set/modify the output sentences and frequency ?
Thank you for your advice

PMTK commands are valid for MediaTek-based modules only. LC76G is using Airoha chipset, so you need to use PAIR commands. In your case look for $PAIR062 command.

Thank you,
I have never heard of it. Do you know where to get this $PAIR062 command information ? I’ve searched on Google and got nothing.
I found this “Airoha IoT SDK for RTOS GNSS Developers Guide” but its all about PMTK commands

No, these are Quectel commands. Look for Quectel_LC26GABLC76GLC86G_Series_GNSS_Protocol_Specification at GNSS LC76G series.

Thank you my friend