Module EG25-G GB Firmware

Good afternoon, I have several EG25-G GB modules on hand.
Where can I download the latest firmware for this module?
GNSS is faulty on one of the modules, is there a way to check if this is the case, or fix it with firmware?

I have sent it to your email, please check

Thank you received, GNSS does not work for some modules, is there software for a more accurate check, what is the reason?

In what way? No location output or failed to start?

No location output, does not find coordinates.

Is that so when you test in the open air ?

Testing takes place in the open air, under equal testing conditions, the first can work perfectly, the second does not find any satellites

Can both devices register with the network normally? Did you try to cross the antennas of the two devices?

A USB-Mini PCI adapter is connected to the computer, the EG25-G GB module is installed in it, GNSS, GSM antennas are connected. These antennas are installed on the roof of the building and look into the sky.
In the first case, the modem registers on the network, goes online, finds the coordinates.
I change the modem to another EG25-G GB, again connecting the same antennas.
The modem is registered on the network, also goes online. But the coordinates are not found. Satellites 0.

Did you try to update the firmware? Still not recovered?

I updated the firmware, but the modem still just does not look for coordinates.
2022-11-12 12 42 08

How many devices are out of order so far? Just one?

There is only one with this problem. In other cases, the module was not initialized in the system, it was solved by module firmware. Is there any software to separately check gnss on the modem?