Modem LTE-A EM160R-GL

there is an LTE-A EM160R-GL in pci-e mode, how to transfer it to USB mode with what firmware


Is your terminal a Lenovo laptop?
The EM160R-GL we provided to Lenovo notebook does not support switching USB mode.

this modem now needs to be used in USB mode, tell me how to transfer it to this mode from PCI mode. I want to use it in another device with AT commands


AT document download address:Sign in to your account

I know about the existence of these commands, but how do I enter them if windows does not see com ports in PCI mode

Which port is AT in PCI mode, how do I find it and enter commands

you can provide me with an MBiM driver for this device so that I can use AT commands. Thanks.

Through the module picture you provided, I found that the module in your hand is EM160RGLAP model and the AP model is PCIE only, which does not support USB mode. Thank you.

how to enter AT commands on a Lenovo laptop ?

how to enter AT commands on a Lenovo laptop?

Sorry, the AP model of EM160RGL you are currently using does not support debugging out the USB port to send AT instructions,

It is a pity that you can not provide technical support in this matter.