Missing BG600L-M3 SSL Application Note

We are about to evaluate the BG600L-M3 in our next hardware project, migrating from our older solutions that still use the M66. We are very much interested in the SSL capabilities of the BG600L-M3, especially since SSL functionality was very limited in the M66:

  • only the 0X003D cipher is secure on that module, but it has large wire overhead
  • the rest of the ciphers are insecure
  • none of the ciphers provide forward secrecy
  • no DTLS support at all

However, we are unable to find the SSL Application Note for the BG600L, not in the forums and it is also missing from the product page. Could you please make the SSL Application Note / Command Set available for the BG600L-M3?

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BG600L is same SW baseline with BG95 , for the SSL capabilities of the BG600L-M3

pls refer to BG95 doc i attached

Quectel_BG95&BG77_SSL_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (553.7 KB)

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