Mikrotik Chateau LTE18 and EG18-EA

Good afternoon, firmware EG18EAPAR01A12M4G, for Chateau LTE18, there is a problem with aggregation CA2 for the Ukraine region, when will the new version be? and will this problem be fixed? and there is also a test version to check what exactly does not work in this version, thanks.

Sorry, it has been verified that the latest version of EG18EA is EG18EAPAR01A12M4G at present, and the release plan of the subsequent version is still in the planning internally, but once the latest version of EG18EA is released, we will release it in time, I hope it will be helpful to you, thank you.

if it’s not difficult, pay attention to the region of ukraine, in the firmware EG18EAPAR01A12M4G, the aggregation 3 + 3 + 7 disappeared … on all mobile operators … they were contacted, they didn’t change anything … that’s exactly after updating to this firmware. thanks, we will wait for an update or a fix.