Migrating from EG25-G to an EM05-E

I have an EG25-G working on one set of hardware. I am migrating to hardware that uses the EM05-E. I Can see the device in lsusb. The driver is reporting…

Quectel module not qmi_wwan mode! please check 'at+qcfg="usbnet"

I have commented out the exit at this point and the probe continues and reports…

Quectel LTE Module work on RawIP mode

I don’t know how to configure the device to QMI mode. I list /dev with and without the device connected ad see no difference. I cannot see a tty device added, for example.

How do I fix this issue? The module looks to be in the wrong mode and I see no obvious way to use AT commands.

I have got the ttyUSB devices to appear by building with CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_OPTION set.
(This was hinted at in https://forums.quectel.com/uploads/short-url/em04qRm9fgeAarw18lpGT0ujiqX.pdf)

I will see if I can get AT commands working to it and then try and change the mode.change the mode.

With the USB serial enabled I was able to sent AT commands to /dev/ttyUSB2 using minicom -d /dev/ttyUSB2 I sent the command

No idea if this is correct but I appear to be getting further than before.