MHF4 antenna not getting fixed to RM502Q-AE

Hi everyone,

I recently got an RM502Q-AE module and I was trying to attach the antennas I got (purchased a combo pack of module + antennas from AliExpress) to the 4 ports available on the module. Unfortunately, the cables I have (pictures below) don’t get fixed/attached to those ports, the connectors seem too big for the module although they do seem to be MHF.4 connectors.

Specifically, the cable UHF female connector seems to tall for the module connector. When I place the cable on top of the module and apply pressure to get it to stay, it doesn’t seem to have any space to go down and be able to attach.

So, do I need cables with smaller MHF.4 connectors?

Those cables seem to have U.FL connectors, rather than MHF4.

See eg: Antenna Jacks: U.FL, MHF4, RP-SMA, SMA: Add/Upgrade Antenna to Vastly Increase Range -

Thanks, @snowgum! Wasted 2 days trying to figure this out. But, I think you’re right. I have now ordered MHF4 cables and will confirm when that solves the problem, but I am fairly confident they will.

In general, Quectel PCIe form factor modems like the EP06 series use U.FL antenna connectors, while the M.2 form factor units like the RM502Q series use MHF4.