Memory read_write problem

hello, I am facing a problem when i am trying to write and read from the external memory using the provided quectel functions. as i write data on the 0x01 address it writes but when i try to read the data through provided flash_rd_data() provided by quectel it just returns this 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 and shows nothing on the buffer from where i have been trying to read

2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] read the flash id function
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] [Debug Log]status_reg: 0x0.
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] 0xef 0x40 0x18
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] read the flash status register
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] [Debug Log]status_reg: 0x0.
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] [Debug Log]status_suspend_reg: 0x42.
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] write the flash status register
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] [Debug Log]flash lock ok.
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] [Debug Log]flash unlock ok.
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] read the manufacture id for the memory device
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] [Debug Log]status_reg: 0x0.
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] write data ok.
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] name is after write chandan
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
[2021-12-08 14:25:35:908_R:] name1 is

please if any one can guide me through this, i will be very thankful

Could you share the model of your module ?

we need to know the more detail and check the corresponse info .