Measuring data rate of RM500q

Hello everyone,

Has anyone tested the date rate of the module in a private network?

I did some tests with the RM500q in a 5G private network. I used iperf to measure the data rate.

In one end point was a PC connected to the network (ethernet cable). The other endpoint was a pc connected to the module (usb interface).

The module has a network interface so I was able to bind this interface to use iperf. However, I got some issues and I would like to check if anyone did the same tests.

First, with iperf 3, I was not able to test with udp. I dont know the reason yet but the iperf get stuck and I have to close the terminal every time I try to test with UDP.

With iperf 2 I was able to test with udp, however the data rates that I saw were very low comparing with what the data sheet of the module describes.
In uplink direction (client in the pc connected to the module and server running on the pc connected to the network) the average data rate was 110 Mbit/s.
In downlink direction (client in the pc connected to network and server running on the pc connected to the module) the average data rate was 600 Mbit/s.

In the datasheet the data rate is around 2Gbit/s DL and 900Mbit/s UL.

Thank you very much

Hello Gustavo,
Thanks for your question. About the speed data in spec, it is tested with Instrument like Keysight E7515B in lab. As you know, there are many limits in real network, such as network capacity, simcard package and antenna performance etc. So the results would be different.
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