MC65 problem to get GNSS location

I have a problem to get the location with MC65 module
I was using MC60 module in a project and it was working good. Now I select the MC65 as a replacement for MC60 in the same board and components. But after powering-on, MC65 can’t get the location.
Sometimes MC65 even can’t get time and date after 5 minutes.
Sometimes it can get time and date but without any satellite in --GSV sentence
Sometimes the --GSV sentence show even up-to 12 satellites in view (with empty SNR field) but the location is empty in --RMC sentence.
I have done the experiments in a open and good location and I’m using a passive antenna. MC60 in the same experiments always can get the location.
What is the problem? Is the quality of GNSS part of MC65 lower than MC60? Or does MC65 need some pre-configurations to be able to get location?
My firmware version is: MC65MAR01A03

Hi,The positioning chip of MC60 and MC65 is not the same, but they can be successfully located. Generally, when the signal is good, it can be successfully located within a minute, while when the signal is poor, it may take several minutes or even more than ten minutes

In addition, I would like to ask if you have turned on the EPO function of the MC60? The EPO function helps the MC60 locate the MC60 quickly, shortening the time for obtaining location information.

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Yes I turned on the EPO function of MC60. When I don’t use EPO, MC60 reach to 3D fix less than two minutes and when I use the EPO, MC60 reach to 3D fix less than 20 seconds. Also for MC65 I have successfully enabled the AGPS capability but I can’t get the location info. I will be thankful if someone share his/her experience in using GNSS functionality of MC65.

This is the MC65 AGPS application manual. You can refer to the routines in it.

Good luck and feel free to talk to you if you have any questions


Thank you. I activated AGPS for MC65 and it works without problem. But nothing has changed. MC65 just show for example 12 GPS satellites and 7 GLONASS satellites in GSV sentences with empty location field in RMC sentence. I’m using the same PCB which previously was used for MC60. I have experimented with several PCB and MC65 and MC60. TTFF for all of MC60 boards was about 20s but none of MC65 boards can get the location.

You can wait for a moment, maybe module need a long time to get the data from satellites.
Check the satellite signal strength in the GSV statement. If the signal strength is sufficient and the number of satellites can be seen in the GSV, the position information will appear in the RMC statement sooner or later

The GSV statement displays satellites id, elevation and azimuth with empty SNR field. According to document, it means they are not in tracking mode. Sometimes SNR field for 2 or 3 satellites become non-empty

Maybe your signal is jammed, so try it out in the open. The shield will affect the satellite signal