MC60ECA RIL don't support 'Ql_GNSS_PowerOn' Function in OpenCPU


I am using the MC60CA and MC60ECA modules. In module MC60E, the ‘Ql_GNSS_PowerOn’ function does not work and returns the answer -10000, which is equivalent to the error of Ql_RET_NOT_SUPPORT.
While this function works correctly in the MC60 module.
Is there any solution for me?

more details:
Revision is: MC60ECAR01A01
The code of both the programs of MC60CA and MC60ECA modules is similar.
The description of the Ql_GNSS_PowerOn function is as follows:

 * Function:     Ql_GNSS_PowerOn 
 * Description:
 *               This function is used to power on the GNSS and register the callback function for the
 *               specified NMEA sentences. 
 *               NMEA callback function used for receiving the NMEA sentences from CORE by parameters
 *               of nmea_buff and len.
 *               NOTE: 
 *                   The stack size of task calling this function shouldn't less than 2kB.
 *                   This function should be called in pairs with Ql_GNSS_PowerDown.
 * Parameters:
 *               [in]nmea_type:   
 *                       NMEA types be enabled to output which can multiselect by OR the bit mask. 
 *                       For example, RMC_EN | GGA_EN will enable RMC and GGA sentences to output.
 *               [in]callback_nmea:     
 *                       The pointer of the NMEA call back function.
 *               [in]customizePara: 
 *                       Customize parameter, if not use just set to NULL.    
 * Return:        
 *               QL_RET_OK indicates success;
 *               Ql_RET_ERR_MEM_FULL indicates malloc memory failed.
 *               QL_RET_ERR_GNSS_OPERATION_FAILED indicates operation failure when power on or power down.

Hi,May I ask if this error occurred when you tested with our example? Or the error occurs when you write the code, if it is the error when you write the code, you can check whether there is a parameter error