MC60E + Winbond w25q

Hello everyone.
since mc60E does not support ufs and sd card, I just wondering can I connect a Winbond w25q to mc60E?

Hi iman_soleimani:
Could you please tell me the software version of the module?
Which scheme are you using, OpenCPU or standard AT scheme?

Hi there
not sure how to check the software version!
Iā€™m using it OpenCpu scheme.

@Grey.Tu-Q Could you help on this issue? Thank you in advance.

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Dear iman_soleimani

The W25Q series storage you use is SPI driven, right?This can find W25Q manufacturers to provide driver code, porting to our SDK package synthesis firmware is good.

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Hi Iman
i did it with W25Q series and S25FL series and works great
Just use a simple library and MC60E SPI port. (Its better to use hardware SPI for better performance)
You can use this library or any other open source libraries
Just port SPI functions