MC60E signla quality

Hi All,

We are using MC60E modem in our project. Now in production phase, we make sure our that product functionality as well as all hardware interface are working as expected.

Below are commands sequence we follow for GSM modem testing. New SIM card is used.

  1. Modem Power On
  2. wait for 12 seconds.
  3. Send AT command
  4. Send AT+QEAUART=2 for Enabling BT port
  5. Send AT+CSQ command for signal testing.

We always get 99,99 response for at+csq command. With the new SIM Card.

If we used Old SIM card which is gives proper signal strength for same procedure.

So my question is,

  1. What is the minimum time required for respective SIM (Fresh SIM which was not latched to any network) to latch network so it can give proper signal strength?

  2. Do we required to send any modem config command before sending at+csq?

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In view of your problem, I suggest you conduct the following investigation:

  1. Whether the new SIM card has GSM service;
  2. Whether the new SIM card is overdue or arrearage;
  3. You can put the new SIM card into your phone for cross-validation
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  1. with old sim card , the module will try to register the last network , named RPLMN ,

    for the new sim card , since There is no RPLMN be saved ,so it need to scan all RAT and all band , normally new sim card need more time to regsiter。

  2. for register procedure , pls send the below two at to check band and frequency

for the detail , pls kindly open the below docs

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Thanks Stephen.

Could you please tell us what will be the minimum and maximum time for new sim to register ?