MC60E FTP file storage in UFS/FLASH & BLE URC

Sorry, I had to mention issues related to different topics/peripherals in one post as I am confused over Firmware package.

  1. FTP default RAM size for file storage :
    I am using MC60E in standalone mode. I am facing an issue when downloading file from FTP server which is greater than approximate 100KB. Default file size that can be stored in RAM is given as 102400 bytes in document “Quectel_GSM_FTP_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.5” & it is also mentioned than if file with size greater than this default size is to be downloaded then default size should be changed. But it is not mentioned how to change default RAM file size.
    So, is there a way to change default file size?

  2. Accessing UFS for file storage/reading :
    I tried accessing UFS for file storage/reading using two different firmware.
    MC60ECAR01A05 - AT commands related to file storage/reading from UFS (Module’s flash) are not working (giving error response) when using this firmware.
    MC60CAR01A12 - AT commands related to file storage/reading from UFS are working.
    So, is this firmware related or am I missing anything?

  3. BLE URC on both debug & main UART :
    I am using main port for GSM, debug port for BLE & GNSS port for GPS. When I start BLE scanning functionality (from debug port) then the scan response URC’s are also being received on main UART. Can BLE URC’s be disabled for main UART ?
    This is observed on both the firmware packages mentioned above.

Also, can you please provide latest firmware package.

Thank You.

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Dear Sagar,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Please check the following answers to your questions.
1).Please note that there have no any command to change the default size, if you want to change it, it need to modify the souce code setting of MC60 module. Thanks!
2).You should know that different firmware have different file system. Please note that MC60E module just can support RAM with file function, while MC60 can support both RAM and UFS. So your test result is correct. Thanks!
3).As far as i know there have no such command to close it now. Thanks!
About the latest firmare, it is to send email to to get it. Thanks!

Dear Kyson,
Thank you for your help.
I’ve got the latest firmware for MC60E & after trials I noticed that BLE URC’s are not sent on main port when I use debug port to access BLE. So, this works well for me.
I observed that when I start to continuously scan BLE, if I sent AT commands to access GSM using main port, AT command responses for GSM are delayed frequently.
So, what could be the cause of this? I think when BLE is scanning, it is not letting me use GSM. If this is so then how can I get around this?

Regarding default file storage size in RAM, how can I modify the source code setting of MC60 module?

Thank You.

Dear Sagar,
We do not recommend you to do like this, as you know that if you scan BLE continously, it may bring interference on your main UART and do not allow to use GSM part at the same time. Thanks!
Sorry that you can not modify the source code by yourself. Thanks!