MC60E-CA-04-BLE latest firmware

I work with GSM EVB Kit and my module is MC60E-CA-04-BLE. I flash it with the wrong firmware file of MC60 firmware.

How can I download MC60E-CA-04-BLE latest firmware to recover my module?

Thank you (9.4 MB)
The latest firmware for MC60E-CA-04-BLE,please confirm.

Hello dear Fiona
The given firmware fixed the problem
Thank you

Hi Fiona
Would you please send me the older version? Current version doesn’t register to the network. (9.3 MB)
Try to use this firmware.

It didn’t fix it. At first, module detects the simcard but a few later simcard is not detected. I’ve checked my EVB kit but it works well with my M66 module and there is no problem with simcard.

Hi hilaria
What is your geographical location, if it is Russia or Iran, please use this version:MC60CAR01A09
I’ll text you the version package
From what you’ve described, are you hot or cold plugged? If you replace the sim card, you can restart the lower module, if some sim cards cannot be detected, you need to check whether these cards are normal and whether the operator is blacklisted

Hi Vincent
Yes I’m located in Russia and yes, the firmware that you sent works well.
Thank you

Hi vincent,
I have this problem in MC60-CA or Mc60-CB module too. But the module isn’t downgraded. It’s possible to send me the MC60CAR01A09 and MC60CBR01A09 version as well.

CA and CB have different version numbers, they are not symmetrical releases, for CB, there is no version number A09

Dear Vincent,
Thanks for answer. Can you send this version for me? ( MC60CAR01A09)
In the beginning, you stated that the module has downgrade capability. Is this feature only possible with this version?

I need MC60CAR01A09 version.
Can anyone send it to me?