MC60E Bonding AT Command

I am using MC60E to set up a link over BLE. However need this link to be secure. Hence need to initiate bonding.
Is there a way to do so?
I am referring to MC60_BLE_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.2. And there is no AT command to enforce bonding.


Hi Sachin:
Could you tell me the specific software version of the module?
Please excute ATI to check,thanks.

Hi Winnie,

The version is MC60CAR01A12

Warm Regards

Hi Sachin:
From the software version you provided, I see that your version only supports BT 3.0 only, includes SPP, HFP, OPP.
If you want to make the link more secure, I think you can refer to the BT application note.

I will send the document to you by email. Please check the email,thanks.