MC60CB firmware - core


Earlier we were usng MC60CA and we never faced issues but recently due to unavailability of MC60CA we started using MC60CB and we are facing problems with GNSS. Most of the time it sends garbage data.
Here is current firmware - MC60CBR01A02

Please share core firmware so that we can test. We are getting lots of complaints from our customers.

Hi,I have a small question
What is the core firmware you need? According to your description, you should already have the firmware for MC60CBR01A02 in your hands

If we use firmware of MC60CA (e.g. MC60CAR01A15) on MC60CB devices, there will be problem?
Which firmware is better to use for MC60CB devices: MC60CAR01A15 or MC60CBR01A02 ?

Hi, what is diffrent between MC60CA and MC60CB?
i used MC60_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V1.7 for open cpu, is there diffrent for Special mc60 or i can use same code for both of them?

The SDK can use the same, but the code can’t be universal