MC60 with STM32 need Cellular PPOE library instead of using AT commands

I would like to use MC60 as Cellular Internet connectivity option for one of my project. I was able to send REST messages over HTTPS using AT commands, but now looking for good library which can work on FreeRTOS / BareMetal with PPPoE over Serial Interface, such that the connectivity part assumed to be automated, may have to develop an wrapper function to send REST packets over HTTPs Layer.
Please confirm the feasibility and share any library associated with it.

Do you mean PPP functionality? You can refer to this document to see if it meets your needs:

Hi Winnie,
Thanks for your reply. The document shows mainly working with dial-up connection to windows machine. But my requirement is to connect the Modem to STM32 MCU using UART and create a PPPOE layer to communicate to server using HTTPS protocol with REST JSON packets.
Do you have any suggestions on MCU PPPoE over serial with HTTPS and REST ?

MC60 module does not support PPPOE.
If you use PPP, it is means an external stack.If your external MCU support HTTP,it can realize your demand.