MC60 Watchdog Startup Circuit

We are using MC60 module and want to use External watchdog circuit along with power ON using PWRKEY button press. The functionality we want is

Point 1. When the module is OFF, the module can be turned ON by pressing PWRKEY button for 1 second.
Point 2. The module should restart itself (without need for button press) when watchdog expires

I am referring to Quectel_OpenCPU_Watchdog_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf and Quectel_MC60-OpenCPU_Series_Hardware_Design_V2.0.pdf, but it’s not clear what should be the hardware reference design to achieve both of the points above. Can any please suggest how to achieve both point in same design?

Dear trakbond

Would you like to use AT mode or OPEN mode?

The module details will be fed back with the firmware version information, thank you.