MC60 - VRTC as Backup Power of RTC

Can the MC60 module’s VRTC pin be used to keep the RTC date and time?

Documentation says that this pin can be used as GNSS backup power and, in my tests, the RTC is not being kept, am I doing something wrong, or is this the expected behavior?

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Dear Glauco,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forums.
Please confirm whether your hardware design have any issues. If you want VRTC can be used as GNSS backup power, please refer to the following reference schematic to design your board. Thanks!

Hi Kyson, thanks for response.

My hardware design is equal to “Figure 13”, I’m using a super capacitor and I can confirm that it is correctly functioning because the GNSS configurations are kept, and if I test in another board without the super capacitor it isn’t kept.

What I need is that the date and time are also kept, which is not currently happening.

I need that VRTC can be used as RTC backup power, as the name suggests. Is it possible?

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Dear Glauco,
Just as you have said that if you design is the same as our recommended, the VRTC can work as RTC backup power. But you should know that VRTC just can used as backup power of GNSS part, not GSM part so the RTC can not working when module turn off. Owing to the two part are independent inside module, so it cannot keep date and time. And if you want to obtain the date and time, you can use NTP server or obtain the network time. Thanks!

Ok, thank you Kyson.

Sir, Can you please share the application note where details of NTP server commands are given?

Where we can get details of NTP IP details and port details.?

Hi Software_Team:
You can find some NTP servers on the Internet,such as Microsoft’s server:,port:123.
About the NTP AT command,you can refer this: