MC60 - USSD, 20 second delay to respond to incoming USSD data

We are having issues when responding to incoming USSD data. The unit is taking 30-40 seconds to send a response, when the command is being sent as soon as the incoming data has been accepted.

It appears to continue listening after it has received the command, but we would like to send a response far sooner.

Any ideas?

The unit is being immediately responsive when the unit has not received prior USSD incoming data.


1.Could you tell me the specific software version of the module?
Please excute ATI to check,thanks.
2.You need to grab the log for us to analyze.Please use the tools in the link below to grab the log and send it to us for analysis:
Please use the default Filter:

3.Please send it to me by email, please write your company name、region and the Simcard’s operators.My email address is