MC60 use RIL for AT+QISEND

i’m using mc60 and OpenCPU for my project and now i’m trying to write a custom function for GPRS and socket with ril API (Ql_RIL_SendATCmd).
there’s a question that how can i use this function for command ‘AT+QISEND=’ ?
after that i’m sending this command i got ‘>’ and app is waiting for data but i can’t find any function to send data.

How do I use data mode in opencpu? This should be your problem.
Under data mode, the Opencpu layer uses Ql_RIL_WriteDataToCore to push data to the modem.
You also can refer to the ril API of HTTP.Several places here have Ql_RIL_WriteDataToCore.

By the way.There are special ql API for TCP and UDP inside ql_socket.h .You don’t need to encapsulate the ril API for TCP.