MC60 UFS Lifecycle and Block Size

Hello all,

I am using mc60 open cpu for one of my old 2G project. I store my system parameters in the ufs region. There is a file that is 256 bytes long that i have to rewrite every minute or so.

What is the block size of UFS? What is the write cycle of each block? If i rewrite a file, do you always write to the same region or do you shift to newer blocks which will extend UFS life?

Thank you,

Hi, I don’t think you need to worry about ufs, block handling is all taken care of in our api, what I care about is the way you rewrite the file, if you delete the file and rewrite it, it may be in a different location, if you just write on the original file, it will be the same address, every piece of flash has its lifetime, I think if you consider the life of flash, you can write a file repeatedly in a certain period of time (such as an hour or a day), and wait until the next period, you can write another file.

In this way, you can take data that needs to be erased multiple times in a short period of time, and extend the life of flash to multiple addresses over a long period of time