MC60 UFS files issue

I have tried to create a text file in UFS region and written data content in that file when i am trying to access the data again sometimes it is showing me file doesn’t exist. This issue is happening randomly.
I am using open cpu SDK on Development kit.I am aware that UFS files will be erased during firmware update.How can i prevent this?

I am using this UFS file concept so that i can store my data using file.I can use secure_read but we should not do more write cycles in that.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Please note that if you upgrade firmware via Qflash tool, it will erase the UFS file, but if you upgrade fimware via FOTA, it will not erase UFS file. So you should confirm which method you will use to upgrade the firmware. Thanks!

The problem here is, Without upgrading the firmware itself my file is getting deleted automatically.


Step 1: i created a file

step 2: i have written data into the file

step 3:i have done some other operations

step 4: i am trying to read the contents in the file but it shows file does not exist

This issue is not happening all the time it is happening randomly

Dear Sir,
Normally if you follow up the following steps to write data in UFS file, it should have no problem.
1.created a file
2.written data into the file
3.Confirm whether the data already written correctly
4.Close the file
5.then open it when you want to read the file.
Please make sure whether you have any abnormal operation will have the impact on the data written and file saved. Thanks!