MC60 - turn of gsm radio part or logout from gsm (maybe other solution?) and use GNSS part only in all-in-one solution

Hi, when I work on project with MC60 I get information, that is possible use GNSS part and don’t use all GSM part (only uart for communication) in all-in-one mode. I try to find solution/command to do that, but I couldn’t find it. Devices will works where GSM signal is weak, and device will use GNSS without GSM part use many times. Current consumption is very important. Could You help me ? Thanks.

Have you tried using AT+CFUN=4 to turn off the radios?

I’m not sure whether that leaves stand-alone GNSS operational. I suspect AT+CFUN=0 would shut that off too.

Hi, AT+CFUN was checked, I try to find other options (with less current consumption).