MC60 timeout input data HTTP post open MCU

hi guys,
I use MC60 to up data to web use http post,
I try with AT command then everything Ok, data send to web success, but i switch to Open-MCU, use http post and customize header like use AT command, but it’s not working.
that’s problem because timeout input after module reponse CONNECT, example send len data is 20 byte, but after send 20 byte even 30 byte or more than then modude not reply until timeout input.
i don’t know how to issue this problem, can you help me

Dear Kutyace,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your issue, could you help to provide your test code, we need to double check it. If AT command can working, Opencpu also should have no any problem. You can use the example code inside SDK package to test HTTP function. It also should have no problem. Thanks!

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thanks for your answer, i was use example http in SDK to test, HTTP GET is good working, but POST not working, and i show debug then It’s happend like i said before, and respone message “+CME ERROR: 3825”.
If I return AT command FW and after that use AT command then it working, I use SDK 1.6 and 1.7, both it’s not working

Example http of SDK1.6, FW MC60 is A10
Error 3825: Timeout input

Dear Kutyace,
The example inside the SDK package should have no any problem, we have test it.
You can try to add a delay in the ril.http.c file according to the following example. Thanks!

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dear Kyson,
that’s right, i think so, i was try add sleep(100) at afternoon and it working.

But time to mc60 reponse msg “CONNECT” when send AT+HTTPPOST=len a little low time. It’s take 7-10s to reply
Thanks your support.

Dear Kyson and Kutyace,
I was facing the same problem while posting data using Https method using M66. Input timeout error was annoying and was stuck on this problem. This forum page helped to solve the issue. Thanks a lot, guys!