MC60 Stop working

I have problem with Mc60,
i used openCpu and run a timer for blink and send data with tcp,
when the gsm antenna goes, Mc60 stop working ,
how can solve this?

Are you referring to when the GSM module works?
When the 2G antenna is working, it will generate a large current and pull down the VBAT voltage, so the VBAT pin needs to add 100uf capacitor. Otherwise, the module will keep restarting.

==>when the gsm antenna goes, Mc60 stop working
We need you to refine the specific phenomena of the MC60.
1.What is the phenomenon of stopping work?Did the module restart? Or is the module working abnormally?
2.Did you remove the gsm antenna? Or is the module not working when the gsm antenna is working?
Here are some tips:
1.If you are not using our development board, you need to be careful of some design vulnerabilities in the hardware.
When the wire is working, there will be a current pulse, which will cause the vbat to pull down, which may cause the module voltage to be too low, causing the module to shut down. You can refer to the MC60 hardware manual I sent to you through private email, which mentions this on page 28.
2.If you remove the antenna, the MC60 can not receive the transmission signal, naturally can not perform tcp services
3.Test whether MC60 can complete the tcp service you need with the AT command under non-OpencPU. If it can work, it indicates that there is a problem with the code you wrote in OPENCPU, resulting in MC60 not working