MC60 standalone mode without Opencpu

Without using opencpu is it possible to use standalone mode. if yes then please explain how it is achieved.
Standalone mode takes UART from gsm connected to GPS, which means it will directly throw NMEA to GSM chip. In normal mode we parse the NMEA on a uC and then create the HTTP request with the extracted data. But how will be this in standalone mode.

Dear Asimxt,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum. Please check the following answers to your question. Thanks!
The main difference between all in one and standalone mode is hardware design, not software. You can get more information from MC60 hardware design document. Thanks!
In All-in-one solution, the auxiliary UART port and GNSS UART port should be connected together, thus
allowing for communication between GSM and GNSS parts. A reference design is shown below.
In Stand-alone solution, the GNSS UART port is connected to the COM port of peripheral. During
firmware upgrade, switch S1 should be kept closed. Otherwise, it should be kept open. A reference design
is shown below.

The follwing link is the related document about MC60 module, please check. Thanks!