I have been using MC60 module to connect to AWS IoT for quite some time but have been facing issues regarding connectivity.
Firstly the device takes a long time to connect to the AWS IoT server and many times it is able to connect to the AWS server after several attempts. I know that the SSL authentication takes time to connect but is there any way to make the connection interval shorter and more reliable.
Secondly, the device disconnects quite frequently from the server. Sometimes while publishing or sometimes waiting for ping response. Although I have seen the ping response received after the ping timeout.
If anybody who has faced the same problem or know a solution please feel free to comments.
Altamash Abdul Rahim.

Offtopic: Best solutions for MQTT to Amazon, Azure, Google … etc is ThreadX and OpenLinux modules

hi can you share your no please

Hello @abhishek_kole,
regarding what do you want my number?
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QuecOpen Linux modules ( EC2x ) is “normal” Linux OpenSSL application
Google-AWS-OpenSSL examples … a lot

QuecOpen ThreadX modules ( BG9x ) just follow qapi_ssl and qapi_mqtt

save AWS certificates to secure store, Init MQTT to use SLL and go…

As Arduino example - tested with BG96 and EC25

@WizIO and @altamash.ar96 I want to connect mc60 module to the aws server ,iot core ,any server for that i want some idea ,technically what are possibilities we can connect the mc60 to server and all

MC60 not support MQTT-SSL ( or check doc if support )
but support HTTPS - use AWS REST-API protocol

@WizIO MC60 does have the SSL support for MQTT. They have realeased Application Note for it.

@abhishek_kole you can look into the “GSM/GPRS Module Series GSM MQTT Application Note” by Quectel for connecting MC60 to AWS IoT. And for the second part you can connect MC60 module to almost any server as it has built in stack for most of the protocols. If your protocol is not provided by Quectel then you can use a software SDK over a TCP/IP or SSL socket depending upon your need.