MC60 SMTP issue


I am trying to send an email via SMTP at commands on quectel MC60 it is throwing me error CME 100. CAn you once check the AT commands of it are working or not? I am using the latest firmware MC60CA…10.

Dear Sir,
It is better to check your AT command sequence to confirm whether there have any error, you can refer to the example which already listed in the following document. Thanks!
Quectel_GSM_SMTP_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.2.pdf (955.1 KB)
Please note that you should change the following SMTP server , the username and password. Thanks!

Hi kyson,

Thanks for the quick response, i have tried those AT commands already by placing the smtp server details it was throwing me error.I have tried both the methods SSL and without SSL
[2020-01-22 17:26:09:265_S:] AT+ QICSGP=1,“
[2020-01-22 17:26:09:288_R:] AT+ QICSGP=1,“
[2020-01-22 17:26:09:288_R:] OK
[2020-01-22 17:26:10:754_S:] AT+QIREGAPP
[2020-01-22 17:26:10:773_R:] AT+QIREGAPP
[2020-01-22 17:26:10:773_R:] OK
[2020-01-22 17:26:12:431_S:] AT+QIACT
[2020-01-22 17:26:12:454_R:] AT+QIACT
[2020-01-22 17:26:13:269_R:] OK
[2020-01-22 17:26:15:014_S:] AT+QILOCIP
[2020-01-22 17:26:15:025_R:] AT+QILOCIP
[2020-01-22 17:26:15:025_R:]
[2020-01-22 17:26:21:689_S:] AT+QSSLCFG=“smtpstyle”,0
[2020-01-22 17:26:21:714_R:] AT+QSSLCFG=“smtpstyle”,0
[2020-01-22 17:26:21:714_R:] ERROR
[2020-01-22 17:26:26:376_S:] AT+QSSLCFG=“smtpstyle”,1
[2020-01-22 17:26:26:396_R:] AT+QSSLCFG=“smtpstyle”,1
[2020-01-22 17:26:26:396_R:] ERROR
[2020-01-22 17:28:57:329_S:] AT+QSMTPSRV=“”, 465
[2020-01-22 17:28:57:341_R:] AT+QSMTPSRV=“”, 465
[2020-01-22 17:28:57:341_R:] +CME ERROR: unknown
[2020-01-22 17:29:06:190_S:] AT+QSMTPSRV=“”, 587
[2020-01-22 17:29:06:201_R:] AT+QSMTPSRV=“”, 587
[2020-01-22 17:29:06:217_R:] +CME ERROR: unknown

Dear Sir,
Please check the module firmware version with ATI command.
MC60 module may do not support SMTP function, you can try to use M66. Thanks!

Due to Flash space limit, MMS and SMTP functions were deleted in MC60CAR01A06 and later versions, for the purpose of adding some other features.