Mc60 sleep mode

I have a problem with the sleep mode of the mc 60 module.
When the module is working, it consumes about 30mA current, and when I use the Ql_SleepEnable(); function, it does not change the current consumption and The pin that I init in high level remains in the high level . Is there a solution to reduce the current consumption in sleep mode and changed the pins level to the low ?

Hi,MC60 Support sleep mode
Make sure your Ql_SleepEnable(); Check whether the module is successfully executed, or whether the power consumption remains at 30ma. In addition, check whether some operations cause the module to exit the sleep mode

in sleep mode what DRX = 5 means?

The power consumption difference of modules is 1.2ma and 0.8ma

thanks for answering me,
how can fix module in drx = 5?

sorry, I don’t know about this