MC60 replace with MC20

Hi There !!!

One of our project we replaced MC60 with MC20 module.
With MC60 Device is working fine, but after replacing MC60 with MC20 device is getting Restart as it is trying to register to GSM network.

If we do not place SIM card or place unregister SIM card device works as expected.
If we place working SIM card device is getting restarted while trying to register to Network.

Please help us to find RCA.

Hello rupesh.anand,
Are MC60 and MC20 on the same PCB? If so, then pls check the Power supply for MC20 VBAT first, when the SIM card is placed and the module register the network, measure the voltage of MC20’s VBAT. Check if the DIP makes the module restart.

Hi Rupesh ,

I checked your device on battery also and it is working , hence I dont think there is drop from the LDO of Module but something else is resetting the module .

You are not using Watchdog IC on this device and RST pin of ENAbLE is being pulled to VCC itself so if there is drop on VCC then , it will make LDO to shutdown .

Please check those things . Specially your Logic or Reset in code and 5V to 4.3V circuit .


Thank you