MC60 query wrong current clock

Hi everyone!

My device is in Novosibirsk, Russia (UTC+7), but executing AT+CCLK command I receive “+CCLK: 21/08/23,01:13:20+12” which is the right answer for Moscow (UTC+3). I’ve tried to synchronize time via NTP server (“”), but it didn’t help - the modem still responds as it is in Moscow.

Could anyone please help me with the issue?

Hi Alex:
What is the real time in Russia(UTC+7) when you get this “+CCLK: 21/08/23,01:13:20+12”?
Have you ever tried synchronizing time using AT+CTZU?

Hi @Winnie.Xi-Q,

I’ll try, thank you!

BTW could you please advise on the root cause of this behavior - what can possibly lead to it?

I think it may be the time zone issue.
You can try to use AT+CCLK to set the right time zone and then use NTP to synchronization time again.
Note that UTC+7 requires zz to be set to 28.The zz(+12) represents UTC+3

Hi, @Winnie.Xi-Q

Got it, thanks!